Glory Bound Record Pre-Sale

Glory Bound Record Pre-Sale

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Glory Bound, comes out October 12th, 2018 but you’re able to show your support now by making a purchase in the pre-sale. See below for unique products and experiences available only during the pre-sale.

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Glory Bound, the new album from The Wooks will be released October 12th. Help the band offset the high cost of making a record by supporting the pre-sale. These unique items and experiences are only available before Glory Bound is released. Each pre-sale option is described below. Additionally, you have the option of supporting The Wooks recording and touring fund via the donation button below. If you have any questions email us a



  1. $10 Glory Bound Sticker featuring album art by Chris Rogers + Download

  2. $20 Signed CD + Sticker

  3. $30 Signed Vinyl + Digital Download + Sticker

  4. $45 Signed Vinyl + Signed CD + Download + Sticker

  5. $50 Signed CD + Signed Chord Chart OR Lyric Sheet from recording.

  6. $70 Signed CD + Signed Vinyl + T-Shirt + Sticker + Download

  7. $300 Pick a cover to be dedicated to you for The Wooks to perform on a Facebook video. You also receive a signed vinyl, signed cd, T-Shirt, sticker, and download. Prior to purchase get your song pre-approved by emailing

  8. $1000 Live performance and dinner for four at Wook Manor with the band. Each guest will also receive a signed Vinyl and CD as well as a T-Shirt. For more information email